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Using Nutanix Java SDK to Create Protection Domains and Add/Remove VMs

In a previous article I demonstrated how to use the Nutanix Java SDK (here) and provided the URL for the Nutanix Code Repository (here). In SampleRestJavaClient I have been implementing and encapsulating methods that make my life easier when automating Nutanix with Java. I previously included some initial methods such as getVMs, getDisks, getHosts, getContainers, getManagementServers and getProtectionDomains. …

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Nutanix, Software Defined Storage Players and My VMworld Sessions!

I should be on leave this week in preparation for the marathon during next two weeks, but I am not. I am rather working furiously on a number of different Nutanix partnerships and announcements. BTW – Big Nutanix announcement coming sometime next week. Next week is also the Nutanix SKO ‘Sales KickOff’ and this time it’s …

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Nutanix and Veeam Strong Momentum

It’s very pleasing when two companies enter in deep collaboration at multiple levels – this is the case of Nutanix and Veeam. In a series of joint technical and market efforts both companies have a strong momentum. Nutanix and Veeam share a similar focus on the virtualizsed data center and on the private cloud which …

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