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Nutanix 4.0 PowerShell goes GA

One of the big new things for workflows and automation in Nutanix NOS 4.0 are the PowerShell cmdlets to interact with the Nutanix API’s. The POSH library covers the entire extent and functionality of the Nutanix platform and graphical user interface. In other others, anything that can be done via GUI can also be done via …

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Talent Retention in the Virtual World

Are you concerned about retaining your internal virtualization team? You should be! In a tight market, skills and experience in Hypervisors, Storage, VDI, Networking and other related areas are rare and hard to come by. Your predicament is that demand exceeds supply, which is certainly advantageous from an individuals perspective, but can be tough if …

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Introduction to Nutanix Backup to Cloud (Tech Preview)

Nutanix recently announced the release of NOS 4.0 with several new features, including:   Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication Shadow Clones (Official Support) Multi-disk OpLog Store Tunable Fault Tolerance (RF-3) Smart Pathing Availability Domains (Failure Domain Awareness) Snapshot Browser Snapshot Scheduling via PRISM Disaster Recovery Support for Hyper-V One-Click NOS Upgrade Cluster Health Prism Central (Multi-Cluster UI) …

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