April 2014 archive

VDI Calculator v5.7 Release

Today I am announcing the General Availability of the new VDI Calculator v5.7.┬áThis is a small update that introduces support for the Nutanix NX-7000 series and Italian language. There is also introduction of a high memory utilization warning that is automatically triggered when RAM consumption goes beyond the maximum Nutanix appliance limit. When Nutanix calculation …

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Nutanix 4.0 PowerShell has Full Feature Coverage

One of the big new things for workflows and automation in Nutanix NOS 4.0 are the PowerShell cmdlets to interact with the Nutanix API’s. The POSH library covers the entire extent and functionality of the Nutanix GUI.┬áBasically, anything that can be done via GUI can also be done via REST and can also be done …

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Nutanix 4.0 Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication Explained

Nutanix is a distributed scale-out 3-tier platform, utilizing RAM, Flash and HDD. This combination provides access to constantly accessed data in terms of microseconds; instead of milliseconds when exclusively flash devices are used. This is an awesome feature that influence and enhance the end-user experience for any type of workload. De-duplication allows the sharing of …

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