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What’s New and What’s Next for Horizon View

During VMworld 2013, Ravi Kumar and I presented a session entitled “What’s New and What’s Next for Horizon View”. In this session we discussed few aspects about what users and administrators should expect from Horizon View in the future. In this session I  took brief time to diagram and explain each of Horizon View components …

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PoSh automation for Horizon View manual pools

Automation is system administrator’s best friend. Automating repetitive tasks is a key enabler in most IT environments. Whilst many of the desktop pool administrative tasks in Horizon View can be made via PowerShell, not all objects are exposed. The POSH scripts below were created by VMware’s Jedi Master Engineer Mike Pryor and they allow administrators …

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Why are Citrix employees jumping ship?

Most of you probably know that VMware recently, for the first time, started hiring a dedicated End-User Computing sales force. VMware has been hiring hundreds of EUC focused sales reps and SEs across the globe, which some are coming from Citrix. I had the opportunity to talk to few of those new VMware employees and …

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