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Storage made simple, use the VDI Storage Decision Tree

I have lost track of how many articles about VDI and Storage I have written. It seems that no matter how many times I write about it people are still  confused about what type of storage technology to choose from when architecting VDI solutions. Yet this week I had to explain the difference between XtremeIO, Atlantis …

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Horizon View + GPU + APEX + Leap Motion

Just thought would be nice to share this little video recorded by Gunnar Berger, a Gartner Analyst (@gunnarwb). In the video Gunnar uses a Horizon View VDI session with PCoIP, plus NVIDIA GPU and a Teradici APEX acceleration card. Nothing new here, except that he added a Leap Motion making it a cool demo!   …

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How to improve VDI with Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics

I am constantly receiving questions about graphic performance in virtual desktops. This blog post will help you to better understand the 3D graphics state of affairs for VMware Horizon View 5.2. Broadly speaking most leading VDI solutions on the market today are all talking about delivering new advanced 3D capabilities. VMware was the first company to virtualize …

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