May 2013 archive

We are getting close, very close. Introducing the new VDI Calculator.

Early May I provided a sneak peek of my new Horizon View VDI Calculator. As mentioned in the previous post, many consulting professionals and architects asked for a portable – offline – version of the calculator. I also have been numerous times asked for a mobile version. The new calculator is built on Java framework instead of …

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A Brief History of Desktop Storage Architecture

My VMware colleague Tristan Tod (@tristantodd) put together an excellent presentation about VDI and related storage technologies. One of my favorite parts of his presentation deck was the “A Brief History of Desktop Storage Architecture”, wich in my personal opinion is extremely valuable for VDI architects and administrators. I have added some personal comments and links but most of the …

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A Rant About Storage Vendors

I have recently been invited to present in a VMware User Group (VMUG), which I quickly answered with a big and resounding Yes! I really love to present and touch base with customers as that helps me to keep it real, instead of being a lab rat type of engineer/architect. Mostly I look forward to …

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