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How to change Horizon View SESparse to VMFSSparse

In my article Clearing up Space-Efficient Virtual Disk questions I explained the most important requirements and constraints when the new SESparse VMDK disk format with Horizon View 5.2. Just in cased you missed it: This new feature requires vSphere 5.1 as well as hardware version 9 for the VMs. The Space Efficient format is only …

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Desktops in ‘Already Used’ State in Horizon View

An article by Jack McMichael (@jackmc4)   Starting in View 4.6, a state was added to VMware View to deal with a nagging issue for some administrators who wanted to ensure that a desktop was always clean and never previously used – the introduction of the ‘Already Used’ state. The issue is simple, a user …

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Horizon View Multi-VLAN Explained

I am happy to finally be able to scratch this item from my list of missing View features. Support for Multi-VLAN   In Horizon View 5.2 it is possible to configure an automated pool to use multiple VLANS or network labels. Administrators can assign multiple network labels to a linked-clone pool or an automated pool …

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