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How to: Win2K8 w/ PCoIP, Linked Clones, USB, Printing & much more on VMware View (DaaS)

One of the most common requests I get from customer and partners is – When will VMware View support Windows 2K8 as Guest OS? As most of you probably know Microsoft does not provide SPLA licensing model for Windows 7 to allow customers and service providers to create Desktop-as-a-Service offerings using Enterprise grade VDI solutions …

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Mapping Replicas to View Desktop Pools

Identifying what replica is assigned to what desktop pool can be somewhat challenging in Horizon View. However, in some cases administrators need to know the object relationship to properly plan desktop and pool migrations across hosts or datastores. The PowerShell script bellow produces a output that demonstrate this relationship.       To execute save the …

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Made to Top 15 on Top Blog 2013

Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) from vSphere-Land has just published results for the 2013 Best VMware and Virtualization Blog Election. My blog finished in 14th place, coming down from the 17th position last year and 39th place the year before. Thanks to all my readers for the votes! The announcement was made during a special vChat  recorded …

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