February 2013 archive

Introduction to the new VMware Horizon Suite

In the past we used to have a device that was given to us by the company we worked for; it was called the desktop. Literally, this device was on our desk and we would get the work done while at it. But as we all know a number of new devices and applications have …

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EMC World 2013 & EUC

EMC World is only in May (May, 6-9) but I am very excited because for the first time I’ll have a session in such amazing conference. As most of you probably know I used to work for EMC as a vSpecialist, and that’s what makes it even more special. I am also looking forward to …

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Feedback on CIFS Authentication (VMware Survey)

VMware is on a mission to improve capabilities in an upcoming Mobility Project. The first step is to listen. We are looking for feedback on what you feel is important for your enterprise applications in relation to CIFS authentication. We have created this survey and would very much appreciate your feedback. It doesn’t take longer …

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