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VMware View Licensing for Dummies

Questions about VMware View licensing often appear in my radar, especially from customers under ELA. Customers under VMware ELA may deploy as many VMware products as they wish based on agreement and need to report usage back to VMware. This blog post is aimed to help you understand how to report VMware View usage under …

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How to change vCenter URL in VMware View

In some cases VMware View may show a problem with the certificate on the vCenter Server, displaying a dashboard red flag even when certificates and properly in place. This behavior can happen because the administrator entered the vCenter Server address in VMware View Admin UI using the short name instead of the FQDN, but the …

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VMFS File Locking in VMware View 5.1 [WhitePaper]

VMware Technical Staff Jubish Jose has produced a detailed technical white paper that provides a thorough understanding of how VMFS File Locking mechanism impacts VMware View when used with View Composer to create Linked Clones. It’s definitely an interesting reading, but as Duncan Epping points out “is that in vSphere 5.1 this “file sharing limit” …

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