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Multiple View Composer Servers against single vCenter

VMware View administrators and architects commonly deploy one or more vCenter Server for a single VMware View deployment. For each vCenter Server in a VMware View pod, one instance of VMware View Composer may be optionally installed in the vCenter server itself, or since VMware View release 5.1 in a stand-alone server.   The VMware …

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View Storage Accelerator in VMware View 5.1 [WhitePaper]

VMware Staff engineer Sivaprasad Govindankutty has produced a very detailed technical white paper that provides a thorough understanding of how the content-based read cache (CBRC) functions with vSphere 5.0, and how it is integrated in VMware View 5.1. It will also provide a detailed  explanation of configuring View Storage Accelerator (also known as Host Caching) …

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Horizon Connector BindDN User Error [Fix]

This is more like a quick tip. While setting up Horizon Connector in your environment using a service account, administrators may run into this BindDN user error below.     [FIX] To fix the issue, edit the service account in Active Directory Users and Computer ensuring that the fields First Name, Last Name, and Email …

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