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How to modify VMware View Composer timeout limit

The default task operation timeout for VMware View Composer is 60 minutes. Administrators may want to increase or decrease the timeout value based on storage performance or host characteristics. The tasks handled by VMware View Composer are Provision, Refresh and Recompose. The default 60 minutes should be long enough to cope with most performance situations, however …

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Changing Port on PCoIP Gateway

For multiple different reasons organizations may want to change the Default ports used by VMware View. I have previously explained how to modify VMWare View default HTTP/HTTPS ports using the file in my article Modifying VMware View Network Ports. The HTTP/HTTPS listener is part of the sslgateway component, which also supports SSL tunneling. To configure …

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Space-Efficient Sparse Virtual Disks and VMware View

VMware is about to release vSphere 5.1. This new release is bringing many improvements to the vSphere storage architecture, but I would like specifically to discuss the changes to the virtual disk format and how it will impact VMware View implementations when using Linked Clones. Cormac Hogan wrote What’s New in VMware vSphere® 5.1 – Storage and I …

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