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DaaS Identity Management, Federation & Multi-Tenancy

“Identity management (IdM) describes the management of individual identities, their authentication, authorization, and privileges/permissions within or across system and enterprise boundaries…” Source:Wikipedia Identity Management in cloud-based deployments is still a work in progress for service providers and infrastructure software vendors. So far identity management and associated technologies such as Active Directory, Digital Identities, Security Tokens, …

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VMworld 2012 Schedule, Recommendations & Win a Ticket!

The VMworld 2012 Content Catalog is out and speakers are starting to gear up for the conference preparing their decks, demos and rehearsing their talks. One thing that not many know is that VMware is offering a special speaker’s training for VMware and Non-VMware employees. I expect the sessions this year to have a higher …

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View Storage Accelerator (CBRC) Hashing Function

VMware View Storage Accelerator uses a vSphere platform feature called CBRC (Content Based Read Cache). CBRC is an in-host RAM cache for VMDK blocks frequently accessed by virtual desktops. When VMware View Storage Accelerator is enabled (OS disk, or OS and Persistent Disks), a per-VMDK digest file is created to store the hash information about …

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