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DaaS Mobility and Portability

One of the fundamental concepts behind cloud-based workloads is Mobility & Portability. Mobility & Portability have been continually discussed over the years and we finally see cloud providers offering solutions to import/export workloads from/to their clouds. Amazon EC2 has a VM Import/Export tool that allow administrator to import VMDK, VHD or RAW file via the …

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CBRC and Local Mode in VMware View 5.1

This is a quick post. In the last couple weeks I have seen two customer and partner email threads discussing the use of CBRC and Local Mode in VMware View 5.1. After reading this excellent blog post from Narasimha Krishnakumar, Staff Product Manager, one of our partners asked the following question: – What is the exact meaning of …

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Unboxing Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Is it that hard?

I have to warn you that this post is a little bit different than my usual VDI, VMware, Cloud and DaaS topics. However, in one way it is still End User Computing . I also decided to join the bandwagon and bought the new Google Nexus 7 tablet with Android Jelly Bean. The buy decision …

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