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My VMworld 2012 Sessions – EUC ONLY

This year I have co-submitted two sessions to present at VMworld2012 and I ask you to support my sessions voting for them on the VMworld2012 website.   Designing VMware View Architectures with View Storage Accelerator Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) with VMware View   Below you will read the session abstracts, …

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Things you didn’t know about PCoIP in View 5.1

Over 20 different performance optimizations have been added to PCoIP display protocol in VMware View 5.1. Some of those optimizations you will find in VMware View 5.1 Continues to Improve User Experience by Tony Huynh, and some more in View 5.1 Performance from the VMware Performance Team. VMware has been actively improving PCoIP, and has …

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New vCenter Operation Limits in VMware View 5.1

The Concurrent Operations Limits for vCenter Server and View Composer have changed. VMware vCenter and View Composer Advanced Settings allow administrators to specify the maximum concurrent number of provisioning, power and maintenance operations.  In View 5.0 only power and provisioning concurrent operations were available for configuration via the user Interface. VMware View 5.1 not only …

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