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Interactive 3D Medical Imaging with PCoIP

Few weeks back I saw Scott Davis, CTO for End User Computing at VMware (@shd_9) demonstrating an interesting application that manages X-Rays and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) using 3D technology over PCoIP. It wasn’t the first time I had seen PCoIP delivering lossless images, as this is one of the key attributes of Teradici’s protocol. However …

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VMware View with Biometrics, SSO and Strong Authentication

Working in the Office of the CTO for VMware’s End User Computing BU is a lot of fun! I not only get to work with some cool new technologies and solutions, but I also get to talk to customers and vendors to understand their technologies and the directions that the EUC market is taking. What …

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vExpert 2012 Award

I just found out I have been awarded with the VMware vExpert 2012. (Announcing vExpert 2012 title holders) The vExpert program is a recognition to the contributions to the VMware, virtualization and cloud computing communities.   This is the 3rd consecutive year I am awarded on the vExpert program and It’s a honor for me to …

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