February 2012 archive

Made to top 25 on Top Blog 2012

Eric Siebert (vSphere-Land) published the results for best VMware/Virtualization blog election yesterday. My blog finished in 17th place, coming down from the 39th position last year. On the category Favorite End User Computing Blog myvirtualcloud.net came 2nd, few points right behind Brian Madden. I consider this a major honor, and would like to thank everyone who …

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Introducing the PCoIP Configuration Utility

Chuck Hisrtius @rexremus strikes back, launching the Beta version of the PCoIP Configuration Utility. I have been testing the utility for the last couple weeks and find it very useful. PCoIP Configuration Utility allow users to create personalized PCoIP profiles and apply those profiles to the current PCoIP configuration. Users could eventually setup PCoIP to …

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VDI + Windows PageFile Done Right!

Windows pagefile configuration for VDI environments has been a long standing discussion ground. I first wrote about it in 2010 (Pagefiles and VDI. Not so simple). However, because of few recent discussions I decided to review the subject and run some validation tests against well-known best practices. “The problem with best practices is that they …

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