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Use Flash Drives (SSD) for Linked Clones, not Replicas

In my previous article EMC FAST Cache effectiveness with VDI I focused on FAST Cache benefits for VDI deployments. The tests I completed also generated a huge quantity of data that is tremendously valuable for better sizing of VDI environments. I previously have discussed (here) how IOs suffer severe split between replica, linked clone and …

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EMC FAST Cache effectiveness with VDI

It is not often that a technology amazes me so much that makes me go from disbeliever to evangelizer. EMC’s FAST Cache is worth every single penny you pay for a EMC Storage solution. Before I go on I need to make a disclosure here – I work for EMC. If you follow my blog …

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BrownBag Follow-Up: VDI, View & End User Computing

Last week I had a chance to present a VMware View & End User Computing BrownBag webcast. Thanks @cody_bunch and @sixfootdad for the invitation. BrownBags are a series of online webinars held using GotoMeeting and covering various VMware & VMware Certification topics. These BrownBags are held live at various dates and times around the globe …

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