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Printing Architectures for VDI – Part 2

Some articles get stuck and never get published. I wrote this one a while back and for different reasons the publishing was delayed. However, while reviewing some of the new features in VMware View 5.0 I noticed that the Location Based Printing feature has been extended. Location based printing support in View has been extended …

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Making an Educated Decision on View 5.0 or XenDesktop 5.5

I want to start this post saying that I often try to focus my blogging on the technical aspects of VDI, without putting too much focus on pricing or market. If you are an avid reader of my blog you know exactly what I am talking about. However, discussions about best product, best protocol or …

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High-Def Video on VMware View 5.0 with BTL & 3D

While trying to find and identify technical benefits implemented in PCoIP protocol in VMware View 5 I have been taking note of interesting things about the behavior of the protocol that might be interesting for my readers. The average administrator probably won’t have a need to get deep into the technology, however if you are …

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