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VMware View 5.0 3D Reverse Engineered

VMware View has always automatically calculated Video RAM based on resolution and color depth. Up to VMware View 4.6 only 24-bit color depth was supported and VMware published few times the vRAM overhead that each resolution type would require. vRAM overhead is part of the VM memory overhead in virtual machines running on ESX/ESXi. The …

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VMware View 5.0 Teradici PCoIP DEMO

David Wakeman (@desktopguy) has kindly recorded this video with Jeff Dillabough, Teradici VP of Silicon Engineering during VMworld 2011. The APEX2800 is a PCIe offload card that promises help organizations to improve desktop consolidation ratios. Increasing CPU consolidation ratios allows for server memory max out without having to add many additional CPU cores. The hardware …

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