September 2011 archive

vSphere 5.0 + View 5.0 vMotion Fail

There is a bug in the way the object buffer cache size is calculated for vMotion. This bug only appears with Hardware version 8 virtual desktops with large screen resolutions, however only if 3D is disabled. When 3D is enabled ESxi5 takes the necessary screen objects into account in the calculations and allocate sufficient buffer …

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VMware View 5.0 Video RAM Storage sizing

After my last article VMware View 5.0 3D Reverse Engineered I received couple emails asking for the video .vswp sizes based on resolution and number of displays, rather than amount of video RAM assigned to the virtual desktop. VMware View has always allowed administrators to select the number of displays and the resolution to be …

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VDI Flash Calculator v2.4 Released

I have just uploaded a new release of the online VDI Flash Calculator. This new release offers complete support for VMware View 5.0, vSphere 5, and the new Windows 7 3D rendering features. Amongst many additions is the ability to have up to 1,000 desktops per desktop pool, extended number of supported cores for host …

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