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The VDI Read/Write Ratio Challenge

I spend a lot of time writing blog posts but I also spend time with customers and their VDI projects. During my time with customers I have identified that read/write ratios in VDI environments could be anything from 50/50 to 20/80 in favor of writes. It turns out that every once in a while someone …

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View Composer Agent Initialization Error (16)

This is not new and has been already highlighted by VMware in the KB1026556. However, if you are running a Proof of Concept or planning to run VMware View in your homelab this may be a good solution. (this workaround helped me a number of times) By default, the View Composer QuickPrep process uses Microsoft …

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Vblock, VPLEX and VDI

Jim Sanzone, one of my vSpecialist colleagues and VDI master was joined by the VCE team to demonstrate how two Vblocks with VPLEX within a datacenter can provide a **highly** available “Always ON” infrastructure for VDI environments that require lavish SLA’s. EMC VPLEX Local provides seamless data mobility and high availability within a data center. …

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