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vSphere 5.0 New .vswp file & Storage Tax on VDI

Virtual Machine swap files have been around since the early ESX days and overtime we have learnt how to play with Memory Reservations to constrain their maximum size and reduce storage footprint. This type of operation may not be as effective with server virtualization as it is with desktop virtualization. The size of a .vswp …

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ESXi 5.0 Enhanced Security Profile

Bloggers have been doing a great job during the past couple weeks and several vSphere 5.0 articles are being published. There is a lot of information floating around and I would recommend to have a peek at this page from from Eric Siebert with vSphere 5 Links. Undergoing my studies for VCP5 Beta at the …

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vSphere 5 new Networking features

Since the release of vSphere 5 few days ago several articles have been published, however most of them of focusing on the new “core” features and improvements. Well, that may not be true. I have noticed that the enhancements to the network stack have been mostly left aside. I guess bloggers are all busy trying …

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