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VDI and Storage De-Duplication: Good or Bad marriage?

In my opinion if you are doing VDI with Persistent Desktops using Full Clones you are rowing against the current. I have previously stated that Floating Pools and Linked Clones (or similar technology) is the way I believe every VDI deployment should be done (either using VMware View, XenDesktop or any other broker). Persistent Desktops …

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Windows 7 IOPS for VDI: Deep Dive

Came across this thorough analysis of Windows 7 IO behavior put together by Jim Moyle. The document named “Windows 7 IOPS for VDI: Deep Dive” cover many Windows 7 IO aspects with specifics for VDI sizing and deployments. The paper yet explains how to measure IO at the guest OS, hypervizor and application layers, including …

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