Monthly Archive: May 2011

PCoIP Recommended Practices for Networking Devices

Display protocols for VDI are still very much a subject to be discussed, and in most environments tuned. The out-of-the-box setting from ANY of vendor will work for many situations; however every environment presents different challenges, making optimization a must. I previous articles I have covered PCoIP optimization from a display protocol standpoint. My article …

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VMworld Session 2185 – VMware View Design Mega-Session

Jason Langone and I have designed a session for VMWorld 2011 to cater for those VDI technical Jedi and Ninjas that are interested in some real-life large deployment (technical) design information. We are not planning to cover the basics about how VMware View components work. We will provide you with some in-depth understanding about how …

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I have seen a number of failed VDI deployments. Some of them failed because of poor initial technical design or lack of information during initial assessments, while others failed because of factors related to the communication process utilized during the rollout. Failures may be characterized by technical difficulties faced by users, such as low performance …

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