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PCoIP Secure Gateway FAQs

VMware just published a detailed document containing the Frequently Answered Questions about ‘PCoIP Secure Gateway’ (PSG). This document can be a useful guide for most of the queries related to the new VMware View 4.6 PSG feature. Thanks to Peter Noble (QE) for authoring and Paul Green (Dev) for reviewing this detailed document. Also thanks …

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How to read Linked Clone Storage Provisioning metrics in vCenter

Understanding storage resource utilisation by a virtual machine in vCenter Client is not difficult, especially when Thick Provisioning is in use. When the virtual machine is using Thick Provisioning all three metrics (Provisioned Storage, Not-Shared Storage and Used Storage) show exactly the same numbers. When using Thin Provisioning the amount of provisioned storage is displayed, …

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Automatic VLAN change in VMware View

Some of my colleagues over at VMware US, Scott Jobe (Sr. Systems Engineer) and Josh Spencer (Desktop Specialist), teamed up to address the need to automatically assign VM’s to a particular VLAN in VMware View during refresh or recompose cycles. When the Parent VM is configured administrators need to assign a VLAN or Port Group. …

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