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My VCA4-DT experience

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take the VMware Certified Associate 4 exam (VCA4-DT). This exam is the foundation for the new VMware Desktop certification track. There are no pre-requirements in order to seat the exam. However, the VCA4-DT exam along with VCP4 are pre-requirements for the VCP4-DT exam. Because I sat the …

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VDI Base Image: The Missing Step

How far can you go when creating the perfect base image for your VDI deployment? I haven’t stopped searching for the Holy Grail, however I have recently figured out that a very critical step in the base image creation was missing, forgotten or had not been discussed yet or enough. However, before I give you …

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Joining EMC U.S. as vSpecialist

Sometimes opportunities knock in our door and if we are in the right moment in life to accept and take on such opportunities, we should do so with no regrets. I’ve previously moved from Brazil to Australia, and I have recently been presented with another exciting opportunity, this time in the U.S. I have accepted …

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