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Improve your iPad View 4.6 Client experience

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It seems to me that some people are taking my article as if PCoIP does not work over 3G and Local LAN  at the same time  without being tuned. That’s not the case. PCoIP is a very smart display protocol and has the ability to tune itself automatically for most network conditions, from …

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APAC Virtualization Roundtable (VMware View 4.6 with David Wakeman) – Wed 16/3

VMware View 4.6 with PCoIP Secure Gateway, Enhanced USB device compatibility, Support for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, iPad Client, ThinApp 4.6.1 and more… A lot has happened in the VMware’s End User Computing space in the last few weeks. We are pleased to have once again VMware’s APAC Product Marketing Manager for EUC, David Wakeman …

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VDI Display Protocol Calculator v1.1 w/ New Features

I am making available an updated release of my online Display Protocol Calculator. This new release implements a number of features to better size protocol bandwidth utilization, VMware View 4.6 with PCoIP Gateway support, and also an experimental (!) feature to calculate the bandwidth offset when multiple simultaneous sessions. In my original post VDI Display …

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