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VDI Flash Calculator v2.0 Released

I have just uploaded a new release of the online VDI Flash Calculator. This release include a cool new feature – the ability to offload VM Swap Files to Local Storage. Many of my solution designs utilise local storage for VM swap files in order to save shared storage. I’m uploading this new release with …

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Save [VDI] Storage using VM Swap File Host Placement

When designing VDI solutions for VMware infrastructures, one of the many ways to reduce shared storage consumption is to allow the placement of VM Swap files (.vswp) on host local storage. The .vswp file is automatically created by ESX when the VM is Powered On, and automatically removed when the VM is Powered Off. (if …

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Using iOmega IX4-200d as DHCP, DNS, TFTP and PXE server

This article is a bit off-topic if compared to what I usually write about ‘VDI’, but I thought it was worth to share. I really like the benefits of PXE booting and wanted to run PXE boot in my homelab, however my LinkSys WRT320N wireless router only provides very basic DHCP functionality. The other option …

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