January 2011 archive

VDI Display Protocol Calculator v1.0

I have just made available the first release of my VDI Display Protocol Calculator. This calculator complement the online VDI Calculator. The original VDI Calculator  that is a great tool in helping architects and administrators to size deployments. The main idea behind this new calculator is to quickly provide a ballpark figure of network bandwidth …

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Weekly VDI Digest January 25, 2011

Welcome to the another Weekly VDI Digest. If you are into VDI there is no need to shop around anymore, subscribe to the RSS feed and receive the Weekly Digest automatically in your email.   Datacore releases a "nirvana" VDI storage solution. Full local virtual storage that’s really cheap! Installing & Configuring VMware View 4.5 …

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PCoIP: Unleash the Throughput

PCoIP is a dynamic protocol and contains some very advanced mathematical algorithms to detect the ideal bandwidth, throughput, image quality and codecs to be utilised to stream contents to endpoints. These algorithms utilise arguments such as latency and variance to create what is called ‘rto’ metric. The higher the ‘rto’ the worse is the user …

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