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VDI Flash Calculator v1.8 Released

I have just uploaded a new release of my online VDI Flash Calculator. This is a bug fix release and contains a fix for the calculation of storage consumption when desktop pools are configured to use Suspend Power Policy. Thanks to my reader Suresh Thoppay. For more information and considerations about the calculation read …

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Suspend Power Policy in VMware View. Should you use it?

One of my readers posted a comment on my VDI Calculator page mentioning that he would not see the VM storage consumption increasing when Suspend VM option was select at “Desktop State when Not in use”.  Suresh Thoppay thanks for the comment! According to Suresh, “ESX suspend file, which has a .vmss extension, is created …

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App for PCoIP Real-Time Monitoring across your Organisation

Now, this is very cool! If you have been following my blog you probably noticed a previous article where I explain how to use a tool called Splunk to collect, index, search & analyse PCoIP log files across the entire organisation. On that same article I mentioned that I soon would be publishing a App …

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