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Year Wrap-Up… Welcome 2011

I won’t write a long post to talk about accomplishments, despite it has been a full on year. I just would like to thank all my blog readers and Twitter followers for the continuous support. I wish us all a Great New Year ! Note: Above is what happens in Sydney during NYE.

VDI Flash Calculator v1.9 Major Released

I have just uploaded a new release of the online VDI Flash Calculator. This is a Major release and include cool new features. Despite a number a requests I have delayed including IOPs calculation due to the workload specific nature. I wanted to make sure that aspects such as Read/Write ratio and RAID penalty were …

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Get hold of VDI IOPs, Read/Write Ratios and Storage Tiering

Getting the right storage requirements for VDI can be tricky in most situations. The reason for that is the lack of information about the workload that will be running in each one of the virtual desktops. It is possible to use some pre-trended numbers as baseline, however despite this would be an indication of what …

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