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How to collect, index, search & analyse PCoIP log files across the entire organisation

When you have hundreds or thousands of log files across hundreds or thousand of desktops the task of collecting and analysing those files can be challenging if you do not have the right tool. When you need to troubleshoot PCoIP across a range of desktops you will be challenged with similar scenario. I like to …

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vForum’s Foursquare Promotion for your chance to win fun prizes

The Marketing Team at VMware here in Australia is using the Social Media app Foursquare to distribute some goodies during Sydney vForum. Follow the instructions below and you may be the lucky winner of one of the 10 tickets to the exclusive VIP party (plus more prizes), taking place on Tuesday 26th 2010 at a venue …

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How to script Datastore Multipathing change using PowerShell

There is a recurring situation that I face whenever I am deploying a new VMware View environment (also applicable to any vSphere deployment) . Due to natural limitations on number of IOPS per datastore (LUN), VMware recommends that you size your datastores for a maximum of 64 virtual desktops. This number could be higher, however …

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