Monthly Archive: September 2010

How much are you paying for your fast local storage?

How much are you paying for your fast storage? Recently I have seen more and more people from the blogosphere talking about replacing plate spin hard drives with Solid State Drives (SSD) on laptops, desktops and even servers. I have gone through the same path. My homelab run its system’s primary partition on a SSD …

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VDI Flash Calculator v1.3 now with Full support to New VMware View 4.5 features

I have just uploaded the new release of my online VDI Flash Calculator. This new release adds full support to VMware View 4.5 Disposable Disks and includes a Storage Breakdown Summary to facilitate planning of storage tiering. Disposable Disks will benefit scenarios where virtual desktops are powered off when not in use and where storage …

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VMware View 4.5 Storage Tiering explained

The NDA for VMware View 4.5 has been lifted and I would like talk a little bit about an important new storage feature released with View 4.5 – Tiered Storage. Tiered Storage allow administrators to select the most adequate Datastore for a given type of disk (.vmdk) and/or workload. In the past I have written …

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