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My first and last VMware vExpert?

I am delightfully honoured to share with you that I have been designated as VMware vExpert 2010. I am truly happy and would like to thank all bloggers, contributors, readers and customers for letting me achieve that. You may have read other posts from recently awarded vExperts (Congratulations! You guys are amazing) but no one …

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VMware View – Disconnect IDLE sessions

I have recently written an article on how to handle IDLE sessions in a VMware View environment. The title of the post was “VMware View – Disconnect, Logoff or Shutdown your VM when IDLE”. The post covered a simple method to monitor IDLE sessions based on mouse movements using a little free application available on …

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Follow-up – APAC Virtualisation Roundtable Podcast Number 15 – PowerShell

A great show thansk to my awesome guests,    Alan Renouf (@AlanRenouf)     Luc Dekens (@lucd22)  and   Hal Rottenberg @Halr9000 Lots of links to good places after the break, thanks to Greg Mulholland (@g_mulholland) for providing them in the chat during the podcast PowerShell Podcasts,  Hal’s Power Scripting Alan & Luc’s Get Scripting Alan’s Where do I …

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