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CloudCamp Sydney 2010v2, Aug 6, 2010

The CloudCamp Sydney invitation is out. If you haven’t received your invitation or if you still don’t know what CloudCamp is, here is some information.   CloudCamp is an unconference where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. With the rapid change occurring in the industry, we need a place where we can meet …

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Host Swapping (another Case Study)

Recently a good article named “Is this VM actively swapping?” was posted by Duncan Epping. Coincidently, in a recent engagement I stumbled upon an interesting swapping scenario. Just to put in context: DRS Cluster with 8 hosts across 2 different blade enclosures Cluster is not memory overcommitted All VMs have latest VMware Tools installed TPS …

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Mastering VDI Templates updated for Windows7 and PCoIP

I have just uploaded an updated version of my Mastering VDI Templates spreadsheet. This is the 3rd version of the document and adds Windows 7 specific customisations and few additional PCoIP configuration settings. Amongst the new item are: Disable copy/paste using PCoIP Configure PCoIP virtual channels Change Startup Check Disk (Win7) Disable updates to the …

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