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Did Microsoft & Citrix just say No to Cisco UCS?

More details on RemoteFX are revealed,  and unless I have missed something on the way I am presuming that the joint desktop virtualisation strategy between Microsoft and Citrix is saying a big NO to the high density blade systems such as Cisco UCS. According to the joint announcement the RemoteFX require one or more GPU …

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Cisco Solutions for a VMware View 4.0 Environment Design Guide

Mid February Cisco released a Networking Design Guide for VMware View 4.0 authored by Shannon McFarland. Only now I was able to have a look at the document and it seems to cover a reasonable amount of Cisco components that could possible integrate in a VMware View solution.   Some of the topics covered in …

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APAC Virtualisation Podcast (The Citrix Labs Vision with Michael Harris) – Wed 24/3

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them. – Mark Twain This week’s guest is Michael Harries from Citrix Labs and Technoist blog.  Michael will discuss how Citrix Labs was involved in many of the important features in Citrix’s past present and future products.  Topics …

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