Monthly Archive: March 2010


Remote Access to corporate virtual desktops is becoming standard these days. Because of that, organisations are leveraging their existing VPN infrastructure to provide users with a better remote computing experience. PCoIP is a remote graphics protocol originally designed by our partner, Teradici, and available today in hardware implementations. VMware has been diligently working with Teradici …

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APAC Virtualisation Podcast (Nathan Mercer from Microsoft) – Wed 31/3

The next guest is Nathan Mercer, a Technology Evangelist from Microsoft, he will talk with us about Hyper-V, Cluster Shared Volume and Live Migrate.  He also promises to bring a virtualised licensing person (the license is virtualised, not the person) to help us better understand Microsoft licensing in a virtualised space. The broadcast is via …

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How to troubleshoot PCoIP performance

Recently I have been doing some performance troubleshooting on PCoIP display protocol. Well, actually not much, as PCoIP work out-of-the-box for most VMware View deployments without any intervention. The protocol has a kind of a healing and adaptive nature. If you are not familiar with the progressive build and adaptive nature of PCoIP display protocol …

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