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Expensive storage array not required for VDI?

Lately I have been questioning myself whether VDI really need expensive enterprise storage arrays (SAN) to run VDI environments. The points I raise here may not apply to all organizations but certainly there are aspects to be observed. Assuming User Profiles are hosted in a file server, why couldn’t virtual desktops run from the server …

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Open Source Xen Hypervisor & Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) adopted by private IaaS providers – CloudCentral

Whilst VMware reigns in the corporate world with vSphere stack, Open Enterprise-Class Cloud Infrastructures are quickly spreading across the academic community and governmental agencies. That is no news to anyone, however slowly we are starting to see start-ups and well established corporations adopting Open Source platforms, and in some cases providing enterprise-class IaaS to general …

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New blogger boarding

I am pleased to announce that is not anymore a blog of single owner and single writer. As today Sean Kalahar is joining forces with me to try to provide good and reliable information (articles, news, tips and anything else that comes to our minds) on all fields of virtualization and cloud computing. Sean …

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