December 2009 archive

Mastering VDI Templates

A lot has been said and written about How to Create the Perfect VDI Template. In truth, there are some really great articles published about the subject, however I always found myself drifting from one article to another to get down to all recommendations or options available for my VDI templates. So, I decided to …

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Second CloudCamp Sydney confirmed

The second CloudCamp Sydney has been confirmed March 4th, 2010. I had the opportunity to go to the first event and that’s when I learned about the unconference panel. CloudCamp is by nature an unconference and there are no specific subjects to discuss, no key notes and no presenters. The attendees are part of the …

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Things to think of before a VDI deployment

During any VDI implementation, independent of the product you plan to utilise, some key components need to be properly and carefully designed in order to avoid pitfalls further down the track, or prepare the infrastructure for future growth. VDI designs should also go through assessment process, just like any other deployment in the physical world, …

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