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Cloud Computing Offerings – Part 2 – “Wishes”

“A Bird’s-Eye Look at Cloud Computing offerings” published on November, 26th, generated a lot of interest from the Cloud providers. Both mentioned providers contacted me, providing some corrections to the blog post and requesting some additional feedback. Even a new Cloud start-up has requested some advice and offered me to be part of the beta …

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A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing… and Chargeback

Earlier this year Berkley’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department published an article with Berkley’s view on What Cloud Computing is. 1. The illusion of infinite computing resources available on demand, thereby eliminating the need for Cloud Computing users to plan far ahead for provisioning; 2. The elimination of an up-front commitment by Cloud users, …

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CPOC – Customer Proof of Concept

Have you ever been to one of the Cisco Customer Proof of Concept (CPOC)? If you like fridges you will enjoy it. This is the one located in Sydney. The video is a bit shaky but you can get the idea – several corridors like this one and if you pay attention you will see …

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