October 2009 archive

nLiteOS Indispensable for VDI

Most of us probably come from a very distant user support background. Work wise I don’t recall when I last had to deploy a Windows OS to an user workstation or had to install and troubleshoot applications at user level. In recent times however, I have once again been deploying Windows XP and applications. But …

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Professional Update

I thought I should update you with what is going on in my professional life right now and how this will affect, or not,  my ability to produce new content for the blog. Last Friday was a special day as I finished a long lasting, 6 years, work relationship with TeleTech. Next week I am …

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Troubleshooting vCenter Server and Lesson Learned

Not often I face issues with VMware products that were previously working with flaws and I do consider VMware hypervisor and it’s components a very reliable and robust solution. When I got into the office this morning vCenter Server service was not running and a manual restart or server reboot did not fix the issue. …

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