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RAID5 versus RAID10 (or even RAID3 or RAID4)

I am not a storage guy and to be honest all this discussion about RAIDs, Spindles, SATA, Flash, blocks and stripes doesn’t really get me. Despite I do have to know how this things work I would like to be able to pick from the shelf the best performance, security and reliability I can get. …

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(Take Care) vSphere Virtual Machine Upgrade Process

I decided to name this post as “Take Care” as I found myself looking for promissed VSphere features that will not be avaiable in most Corporate environments therefore you should prepare yourself, and your environment. While I as upgrading my VM’s from 3.x to VSphere I based my work on this great step-by-step article from …

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Perf Best Practices for VMware vSphere 4.0 ERR

System Administrators are always looking for the additional extra performance tuning.  The VMware document bellow provides quick and easy tips to streamline your VSphere environment. During my readings I have found a ERR – The bellow statement is incomplete or misguiding administrators. The VMware vCenter Management Webservices can use between 128MB and 1.5GB of RAM …

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