Monthly Archive: August 2009

Rebuilding the Service Console

To a certain degree we all have faced issues with ESX hosts however nothing can be more dramatic that not being able to connect to the hosts using VI Client, either directly or via VCenter. The old and good SSH or iLO now takes place. I have unadvertisedly in the past deleted the Service Console …

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Top 10 Free tools to manage your Virtual Infrastructure

Following the idea that in this world nothing is created but everything transformed I decided to start sharing all the good posts I have collected and that make my life easier. @vladan has posted this good article about free tools that help administrators. Thanks @vladan Top 10 Free tools to manage your Virtual Infrastructure | …

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PCI DSS, Network Ports and your VMware Environment

Recently I have been involved with deployment of PCI DSS at TeleTech for the APAC region. It’s good to say that TeleTech has been oficially declared PCI compliant however VMware is still on track to get their products certified. This puts a barrier for organizations with high virtualisation levels but I am not here to …

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