2º Sydney CloudCamp & Photos

Yesterday Sydney (AU) hosted it’s 2nd CloudCamp and about 40 people showed up at the Sydney Technology Park. IBM, Microsoft, Gen-i and Expanz provided the lightning talks of the night and ZenDesk the drinks. The lightning talks covered security, connectivity, performance and data sovereignty.

CloudCamp is quickly becoming the 2nd best IT conference in Australia, only left behind by VMware vForum. That is because i get to see and meet people that matters to me and my professional networking.

Some interesting topics have been unpanelled: Data Portability, Cloud opportunities in AU, Private vs. Public, Legal & Governance, Databases on the Cloud, Long term Vision for the Cloud etc…

Some of my conclusions – and that did not change since last CloudCamp.

There are still a lot of resistance by large enterprise to move to the cloud. This resistance is either backed by legal & security reasons or technological constraints. Someone said – Cloud is just outsourcing spruced up with some lipstick – I have to agree with that,at least looking objectively at what is being offered today.

In my view the technology is just not there yet to allow organisations to Cloudify their applications. On the other side, organisations are always ROI oriented and soon it will start to make sense to move to the cloud. The young folks would say that this is juts matter of Old school Enterprise vs. New stuff, as I have seen tweeted. However I still see the same issues I used to see 10 years ago when we first started to discuss outsourcing.

When the discussion is the regional market things start to get tricky. Unless there is a very good reason to keep you data in-country, such as legal or privacy, I don’t see how Cloud providers will be able to compete on price with large US providers such as Amazon and Google with large economies of scale.

BTW – What is the Generation Gap? I missed that one.

Congratulations for another successful CloudCamp.

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Some more photos at: http://www.computerworld.com.au/slideshow/338520/cloudcamp_sydney_pictures/?image=9#

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