Feb 17 2015

.NEXT 1st Call for Proposals Is Open!




The Call for Proposals is now open for the .NEXT conference. If you’re an industry expert or thought-leader who enjoys  out on all things virtualization and web-scale, and you would like to share your know-how in out-of-the-box formats, this is your opportunity to submit your session ideas.

The .NEXT website provides tips on the session submission, but what I like the most about the track is that it is an uncensored track.

You may submit sessions on scale-out technologies, applications workloads such as Exchange, VDI, SAP or Unified Communications running on top of hypervisors (KVM, Hyper-V and vSphere), containers, Hadoop and HPC… or another interesting topic is Networking in the hyper converged world. Basically anything is game! This track will be parallel to the three formal tracks, and include session slots over the two days!


Call for Proposals closes March 27, 2015; and here is the link for your submissions.


I am submitting my own session and hoping for the best… one day will be awesome to say that I have presented in the very 1st .NEXT conference! :)


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Feb 12 2015

New PRISM Central One-Click Upgrade and One-Click Smorgasbord!

The Nutanix One-Click upgrade takes care of NOS, hypervisor, disk firmwares, the NCC and now it also takes care of PRISM Central. That’s pretty much everything in your virtualization infrastructure; but the networking stack.

As the name says, it’s a One-Click upgrade for the entire Nutanix cluster. Nutanix one-click upgrade automatically indicates when a new component version is available and it will auto-download the binaries if the auto-download option is enabled. The component upgrade process uses a highly parallel process and restart one component at the time using a rolling upgrade mechanism. The entire cluster upgrade can be fully monitored by the administrator.

During the upgrade process the AutoPathing feature kicks in redirecting VM I/Os on that node to different node. This has several benefits, including allowing administrators to upgrade NOS, disk firmware and NCC without disruption. The AutoPathing prevents performance loss during rolling upgrades minimizing I/O timeout by pre-emptively redirecting storage traffic to other nodes. Failover traffic is automatically load-balanced with the rest of the cluster based on node load.

The new PRISM Central now also uses the same One-Click upgrade technology. If you still don’t know what PRISM Central does… Nutanix PRISM Central is a single-stop shop for every Nutanix administrator. PRISM Central consolidates all Nutanix clusters across all data centers into a single intuitive user interface that combines information about storage, hypervisors and VMs; a single-pane-of-glass to manage multiple data centers. PRISM Central prevent administrators from having to sign individually to every Nutanix cluster while providing aggregated cluster health, alerts and historical data. Administrators are effectively able to manage all Nutanix clusters from the same user interface.


Enjoy a 50s video of my PRISM Central One-Click Upgrade!

(Watch in Full-Screen 1080p)



Enjoy a Nutanix NOS One-Click Upgrade video!

(Watch in Full-Screen 1080p)



Enjoy a Hypervisor One-Click Upgrade video!

(Watch in Full-Screen 1080p)



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Jan 31 2015

How I configured my Nutanix Cluster for Synchronous Replication

Now that NOS 4.1.1 is generally available I decided to make some time to upgrade my two production clusters to the latest release and enable metro cluster availability (synchronous replication). Given that I was already at the job I started ScreenFlow for Mac and recorded the configuration steps for the setup. I have never seen synchronous replication that simple before.


(Watch in 1080p Full Screen)


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This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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