Jan 28 2015

NOS 4.1.1 is Now Available to All Nutanix Customers…

Today Nutanix is releasing the most waited NOS release thus far, and it is available for download and install by all Nutanix customer via the One-Click NOS Upgrade. This release is focused on enhancements for the areas of resiliency, security, disaster recovery, analytics, supportability and management.

This is the power of software-defined architectures, running on standard x86 hardware, with no special purpose machine doing one and one thing only. The software approach allows for faster release cycles and whenever there are hardware performance improvements you get to enjoy the benefits and performance improvements right away.


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.52.55 PM


Here are some the new features customers are getting right away:

  • Cloud Connect – Prism UI configuration of Cloud Connect for replicating VMs to Amazon Web Services
  • Data at rest encryption with self-encrypting drives (ESXi only)
  • Hypervisor upgrade from Prism UI (ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM)
  • One-click upgrade for NCC utility
  • Metro availability enabling continuous availability of VMs across two geographically separated sites
  • STIG compliance for Controller VM
  • Support for Prism Central on Hyper-V
  • Nutanix SCOM management pack enables monitoring of Nutanix components (both software and hardware) from the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager console.
  • Nutanix plugin for XenDesktop enables per-VM SLA configuration from the XenDesktop management console
  • Prism Central Scalability improved to support up to 1000 clusters and 10.000 VMs (ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V)
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) support for Hyper-V hosts
  • Simplified and improved certificate replacement in the Prism web console to support Certificate Authority-based chains of trust and the ability to generate self-signed certificates in the web console


For additional information I recommend reading my article All Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview in One Page (Beyond Marketing) or downloading the Release Notes 4.1.1 from the Nutanix Portal. Additionally, to read all technical articles published on NOS 4.1 and NOS 4.1.1 go to the Nutanix Index.


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Jan 21 2015

Nutanix SQL Server Provisioning Using VAAI Clones

Michael Webster (@vcdxnz001) published this video demonstrating how Metadata based cloning via VAAI is now table stakes for any VMware environment.

In this demonstration Nutanix provisions and customize SQL Server Database VM’s from Template in minutes. This is very useful for dev, test and cloud environments where you need to provision multiple copies of a standard template. Using VAAI Clones and Compression enables the Nutanix platform to save many TB of capacity, and thus maximizes ROI. The operations below were achieved with a mid range Nutanix 3450 appliance that takes up only 2RU of space and < 1KW of Power.




This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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Jan 20 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video even more… (EVO:RAIL vs Nutanix)

A Nutanix prospect published this INCREDIBLE video with a bake-off (POC) they did between EVO:RAIL and Nutanix. Now, before people go and say it’s not a apple to apples comparison I gotta say that although the hardware model between the two solutions might be different, the price list for the solutions is only approximately $5K more towards Nutanix, yet providing much better performance and much lower $/IO and $/GB due to Nutanix compression, de-duplication and VAAI. Reach out to one of the many Nutanix partners to run your own tests and comparisons.


Here is what the customer had to say about the performance tests.

My company is currently evaluating the Nutanix and EVO:RAIL hyper-converged platforms. Wanted to share the outcome of a test I ran.

Very basic test … how quickly can each of these platforms deploy 50 guestVMs from template. The template consists of a single 60GB ThickEagerZeroed vmdk. The guestVMs are being deployed via a PowerCLI script. Nutanix took just over 1 minute 35 seconds to deploy all 50 guestVM’s. EVO:Rail finally finished in just over 1 hour and 45 minutes. Crazy performance difference!


[Watch in Full Screen]


To the now Nutanix customer, thanks for sharing this video!

This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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